Tuesday, May 21, 2013

19 May 2013

Hey yall!
Thanks for everything this past week! Especially the letters. I accidently started opening the birthday card, I'll have to admit I was surprised to see it as early as it came haha. But once I figured out what it was I put it back in the envelope and set it away for the 28th. Thanks for the love and support that yall give me. It makes things so much easier to know there are people who care about you back home.
 I really appreciate that story from your childhood. I always really like hearing stories like that. It makes it seem like the world was so much more interesting before all this technology and stuff hit the market. It's sad to see families splitting up all over the world. There just isn't that same love that once used to be there. It brings me a lot of heartache seeing what people have to go through but I'm so grateful for the opportunity I have to impact people's lives for good and help them see the joy of the gospel. 
Audrey was baptized and confirmed this past weekend :) She's great. Pray for her mother and step father. They are being a big source of opposition at the moment. They used to be so great but they've been having their faith tried quite a bit right now. They've been having struggles with anti-Mormon material and don't want to meet with us. But I hope Audrey and Myeshia's examples will eventually bring a mighty change in their hearts. I truly want the best for them.
On a lighter note, I'm excited to go to the temple and do baptisms on June 10th with Audrey and Myeshia! President gave us permission to be a part of that so that's going to be very exciting. Our stake is having a temple day which is great. I know that Myeshia and Audrey are going to love the spirit that they feel at the temple :)
I love how you can keep improving. I would hate to be at a total standstill in my life. There's so much more that you can be, always. I see myself becoming a better missionary day by day and week by week. When I think of where I was at when I got to the MTC until now, there's so much that has changed about me. I love the scriptures so much. You can read the same scripture over and over again and bring something new out of it each time.
I love people. All of my brothers and sisters on this Earth need this message. It makes me so sad to see agency used to go against the will of God. I know how much pain it brings these people even when they don't realize it. It makes me want to work so much harder and be so much better. But as I look at this work and marvel in all of the beauties of God I recognize my nothingness before him. Of myself I am literally nothing. It's amazing to me how personally invested God is in each one of our lives. Every breath we take is a gift from him and it makes my heart swell with joy at the thought that I'm important enough to God to receive a new day of my life. I truly long to be in his presence with all of my brothers and sisters someday. I know that this takes work on my part however. I hope to continue to live worthy of God's love until I too can receive the personal assurance that I am a friend of God. This gospel just isn't like anything else. The joy that I feel just isn't a figment of my imagination. It's as real as sun shines. I know that no man could have all these fruits brought forth unless he was directly inspired by God. Out here you hear a lot about these "prophets" that go around healing people and starting up churches, but there's so much more to being a prophet than being able to heal. True prophets bring the gospel, they bring the ordinances of salvation to those around him. They are the means that God uses to heal the spirit. Having a broken leg fixed will not help you return to God's presence. But the authority of God to baptize will. I feel so blessed to have a knowledge of this since my youth. 
I love the temple. I love being close to God. It makes me so happy. I know that through Christ, this happiness will continue throughout the rest of my life.
Thanks again for the birthday gift! It's exactly what I had hoped for :) There are some great places to eat up in Tabor City and apparently there's a place that claims to serve Chicago-style deep dish pizza. I'll have to be the judge of that :P So I'll get to go test it out with my currently district leader Elder Memmott (who as you know has been my trainer and zone leader in the past). I love yall so much. Thank you for your prayers and everything that yall do.
Elder Nair

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