Monday, June 3, 2013

28 May 2013

Hey surprise surprise! I actually get to email today since the library was closed for Memorial Day so I get another added birthday present right here :D
Yeah I did all the celebrating yesterday/ kinda throughout last week. I splurged a little bit too much but I really really enjoyed my birthday present. I didn't quite know what you meant when you said the extra was for cushion so I'll just let yall know what I did with it. I got myself a sweet watch from Walmart that I was in dire need of. My ol snap band watch fell apart in my last area, so I've been watchless for quite some time now. I really like the watch I got and I will forever remain in thanks to yall for it.  Then yesterday Brother Putich, the young men's president in the branch gave us a ride up to North Myrtle Beach where we went to this place called Alligator Adventure and got to see lots of live alligators, and some snakes and birds and things. But the alligators were the best part.  Then we ate at this buffet called Ryan's. It's basically like a Golden Corral so that was good. And then we went to a gift shop where I bought some cool stuff. I had a great birthday! Honestly, it is so nice because I'm in an area where I'm not too far from Myrtle Beach so there are so many cool things to do! But with no income coming in at the moment, I'm a little shorthanded as far as going and enjoying some of the attractions out there. So basically I couldn't have asked for a better gift :) Yesterday was so much fun!
The temple trip is two Mondays from now so I'll let you know all about that when that happens.
And Brother and Sister Weatherford (the lady you almost got to meet at the temple) invited us over for lunch and we watched Sister Monson's funeral as we ate. That was a really good service.
There really isn't anything better than being a missionary. We're meeting some great people and having a lot of fun so things are going so well. I'm just a little sad that I'll be most likely leaving the area here soon. You never really know but it's looking like that's what will happen. But I'm content with wherever God needs me. I know I'm going to love wherever I am because no matter where I go, I'll still get to be a missionary :) I think the love for these area's just comes more from the fact that I'm a missionary here. I'm so excited to hear about all the great missionaries that are being sent out. They're going to be so great! I love the hastening of this work! There's so much happening in the world and God's work is rolling forward unceasingly. I feel honored to be able to be a part of it.
I'm learning so much out here I can't even believe it. My testimony is growing so much. I just love the gospel with all my heart. It's pure happiness. Even when my situations tough, the Savior's pulling me through it. I know there isn't anything that will happen to me that God won't help me endure in happiness. I love that about these precious truths.
Love yall! Thanks again so much for everything that made my birthday special :D
Elder Nair

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