Sunday, March 17, 2013

10 March 2013

Hey! I've got a sweet story for yall this week! I'll start right off with it because of how awesome it was.
So there's this less-active youth in our ward named Kayla who hasn't been to church on Sunday in about nine months. She had grown up coming to church for awhile but when her mom fell away she realized that she didn't have her own testimony so she fell away as well. She said she's never felt the Spirit so she doesn't really know if God answers prayers. She's an agnostic of sorts not doubting the existence of a "higher power" but also lacking faith in Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ. When we went over to see meet with her on Saturday she was playing this online game. She was complaining about how she had been at this game for like 40 minutes trying to get this item. I'll explain a little bit about how it works.

Randomly these certain monsters will appear and even more randomly they'll drop this specific item that she needed to complete this quest.
So basically you have a completely random chance of this monster dropping this item you need.
Anyways, after sharing some scriptures with her while she had this game going on in the background we felt impressed to promise her a specific blessing. I told her that if she prayed and asked God to help her get this item, that the next monster that she killed would have that item and that she would be able to know that God answers prayers and that she had to come to church tomorrow.
She said she felt a little ridiculous doing it but ended up following through and saying a simple prayer to our Heavenly Father.
After about 3 minutes she found this monster that she was looking for and killed it. Lo and behold, after what was now a little over an hour of her searching for this thing, her prayer was answered. She found the item haha.
It was a pretty awesome experience. It was just like this undeniable evidence to her that God truly answered prayers. Needless to say, she was at church yesterday and ended up enjoying herself. It was great.
As missionaries we're truly ordained of God to call forth the powers of heaven as impressed by the Spirit. That experienced increased my faith with being bold or clear with people and having confidence in the powers of heaven and the spiritual promptings that I feel.
But that's my awesome story for the week haha. We're right now meeting with a lot of new people and really focusing on using the gift of discernment to find people who will be willing to keep the commitment to come to church. Right now we're working with some step brothers of this recently activated member Jessica. She has a 16 year old and a 14 year old step brother, John and Chris. Pray for them to be able to gain a witness that the Book of Mormon is true. They're great kids and building the priesthood here is something we're really working on.
Some of the active members that have been helping us out a lot here is Brother Putich (Sister Weatherford's grandson-in-law) who's the Young Men's president, The Elder's quorum president, President Cabiniss, and the Branch mission leader Brother Buffington. There's a lot of great people here that are really focused on missionary work and building the branch membership here so that's good. It's just tough because of how spread out everyone is. The branch covers quite a large area so it can be difficult helping people with rides. But it's fun stuff.
I'll try to get some pictures soon, Elder Holley is still carrying on the work in Gaston which is in the West Columbia zone. He's doing great from what I hear but a lot of times you don't get to hear too much from past companions until you both get put into the same zone or something. Elder Memmott's serving as my zone leader in the Florence area of the Florence zone so we got to see each other at the zone meeting and actually got to go on a companionship exchange with him which was way fun. I'll see him again this Wednesday at a zone fireside that we're having. Our district consists of us and Conway and we have had a couple meetings and been on exchanges to learn from each other.
That's great to hear about your gospel sharing efforts. It will increase your friendship with people and as Dad has experienced, help you make new friends as well!
Thanks for the toner I needed it. And new shoes would be appreciated as soon as you can send them thanks!
Love yall,
Elder Nair

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