Monday, March 25, 2013

25 March 2013

Hey good to hear from yall as always! That new bishopric sounds wonderful. I'm sure they will be such a blessing to the ward. Haha I'm glad yall get to enjoy each other's company again.
The meeting with Elder Nash was great. We learned a lot of really good insights about our purpose as missionaries and helping investigators learn and grow. We really emphasized that it's all about getting people to the next ordinance. If people aren't baptized, it's baptism; if they haven't been to church in awhile, it's the sacrament; and for recent converts it's the temple. When we focus on these things it really helps us have direction in our teaching. We can see people as they will become. I've really taken to heart the importance of the ordinances. There are so many people that believe living good lives will give them lasting hapiness but in order for us to experience the full measure of happiness we need to adhere to not only the principles but also the ordinances of the gospel. The third Article of Faith really emphasizes that again. We as missionaries are the only ones in the area that have the authority to provide that ordinance of baptism. This calling is so important.
I memorized a few scriptures today. D&C 58:26-28 and Ezekial 33:6. I'm loving memorizing scriptures. The more I memorize, the easier it gets to memorize them and have them in my brain so I can recall them for my benefit. It's like an instant pick-me-up to have an awesome scripture stored up there.
I'm glad everything's going well at home.
I'm so excited for conference! I love general conference so much. It means so much more to me now that I'm older and can stay awake for everything haha. I've been reading a lot of Ensign articles and watching former conference talks to get excited for it. Other than that I'm just looking forward to it a lot.
Thanks for all the help. I haven't gotten the shoes yet. Thanks for everything though I'm always always grateful for all that yall do.
We met this great lady Audree the other day. She is awesome. I'm really looking forward to continuing to teach her. After we shared with her the first vision she cried and said she'd never felt anything like that before in her life. She had wanted to feel like that in church and had been looking for it all her life but just never felt it. The gospel is really going to change her life. Please pray for her.
Love yall, Elder Nair

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