Thursday, March 21, 2013

17 March 2013

Good to hear from yall again! I love getting your emails,
It's always so good to know that good things are going on at the homefront and to not miss out on the spiritual experiences going on back in the 4th Ward. This week has been great. Quite a rollercoaster but great. It started off with a great companionship exchange that I went on with Elder Willie. He's being trained in my district and is an 18 year old missionary. He's such a strong missionary. He's been out in the field for 5 weeks now and he's just stellar. These 18 year old missionaries are going to be such a blessing to the work. It's awesome seeing the work hasten. The exchange was really great. We met some wonderful people in Conway which is right by Myrtle Beach. Our district consists of Marion and Conway by the way. But it was just such a great day. We met some wonderful people and had a really spiritual first lesson with a gentleman named Cecil. He's in his 60s and you can just tell that he's been being prepared for the gospel all his life. I'm excited to hear how things continue to go with him. He's been to different churches, has fallen away from his church for awhile and then got this feeling to go back. When he went back however he said he felt a big knot in his stomach. After we taught him about the Restoration we had the opportunity to testify to him that he will have an overwhelming feeling of peace and joy by attending the restored church. It was just a really wonderful lesson.
Did I mention that Elder Nash one of the Seventy came to our mission? I feel like I forgot to tell yall about that. Let me know if I didn't.
We had interviews up in Florence with President Holm which was great. He asked me if I had any questions and I asked him how I can make my prayers more meaningful. With praying so often out here in the mission I felt like my prayers were becoming more rote so I have been focusing my studies on changing that. The culmination of all my studies was President Holm's advice to imagine the Savior kneeling beside you praying with you every time you pray. I usually pray trying to think about me having a conversation with God so I'd try to imagine God in front of me. This idea of having Christ next to me has greatly changed the sincerity of my prayers. It's helped me gain a closer relationship with my Savior in knowing that He is truly there for me so that I can be able to talk to the Father. He's my great intercessor. It's with Him that I will approach the Father at the last day and it's Him that will be pleading on my behalf. It's helped me turn to Him in all things and try to truly identify, what would Christ want for me? What would he have me pray for? I love all of the great experiences and the great learning opportunities that come from serving a mission. It's such a blessing to learn and grow and change my life while I'm out here.
One insight that I gained this week in teaching is to be very clear. Boldness is clarity. Being able to speak a simple truth without trying to jazz it up is what will give people the greatest opportunity to have the Spirit testify to them of its truthfulness. Everything is all about the Spirit and this work is all about purifying every little thing that you can so you can be the most clear and worthy conduit of the Spirit. I just want the Spirit to flow through me like a clear sheet of glass with no imperfections that would dampen the light as it goes through.
  Love ya so much!
-Elder Nair

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