Monday, September 16, 2013

16 September 2013

Hello from South Carolina! That sounds like a pretty cool meeting. I like when other religions can at least accept each other and get along. It's always a shame when you see people from another faith with so much anti-Mormon stuff instilled in their hearts. Our core doctrines are all pretty much the same but people get so anti'd that they think we worship Satan or something. It's a pretty weird part of being in the South but as we break down those barriers and keep sending missionaries out into the field, the stereotypes will be broken down little by little. It's cool though seeing that most people realize that the stereotypes aren't true. It depends on which area you serve in. On that note, I'm still here in Spartanburg with Elder Lee. Things are going great. We've been together for about 8 weeks now. It's a blast. There's so much success continuing to go on. We're working with this golden investigator Brandon who's really intent on changing his life. He came to church for the first time yesterday and loved it. His four year old niece that he babysits loves it too. She's so adorable haha. Babies and little kids are awesome. This work is still moving forward with great speed. This weekend Matt, the husband in a part member family is getting baptized. Brandon is on date to be baptized next weekend. He has some things to overcome but he's going to do it. He's being really strong and progressing greatly. The ward still seems pretty excited here. We're helping this awesome member family that just moved in a few months ago. The Leggitts. He served a mission in Canada. They're a great missionary-minded young couple and even brought a friend to church last week. He's going to a medical school in this area which is awesome because there's a lot of people that come from different parts of the country attending there and since most other churches aren't worldwide, a lot of them are looking for a church to go to. There's a good little group of Mormons going up there so it's quite exciting for the work. I'll for sure let you know about the temple trip. I'm so excited to go soon. We'll probably go the last week of the month. We have zone conference coming up this week so we get to travel to Greenville for that. Zone Conferences always pumps me up. Being a missionary is sweet. It's tough at times but I've never done anything in my life that has been so rewarding. I'm so happy to be out here. Love yall, Elder Nair

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