Monday, September 16, 2013

9 September 2013

I'm so glad to hear all is going well with your friends :) I love that yall are speaking up and having the courage to continue to take steps to help your friends along in the gospel. It's amazing the sweet miracles that God provides when we simply have a desire to serve him. I love that every single word in the Book of Mormon is so inspired. I love how universal the church is too. It makes me so happy seeing people of all races and backgrounds reading the Book of Mormon in their respective languages. We met this wonderful member from Laos the other day who hasn't been to church in awhile. After talking with her she made a resolve to ask for Sundays off. She loves church and the Book of Mormon and has a copy in Laotian that she reads from everyday. She's just been having to work a lot. She made us some really good sticky rice :) It was so tasty! I'm excited for her to return to activity. I'm sure she'll love talking to the Sister Nguyen in their native tongues! Things are continuing to go great out here. We're still on track to hit our zone goal this month :D I've heard amazing things about the new temple experience so I'm incredibly excited to go. I venture that we will attend later the last week of this month. I love the temple :) It's amazing how the time flies out here. Spartanburg has been quite a blast to serve in. The ward here is great and continuing to grow. We're helping some members get excited about missionary work and building solid relationships with them. They're very excited about the sisters coming in. They arrived last Wednesday. They'll be covering the south side of the area which is really convenient because we don't get down there very much due to our limited miles. There are some great families in Woodruff (a city about 20 miles south of our apartment) that I'm excited for the sisters to start working with. The work is really hastening. We're looking forward to finding and preparing people for October and helping the people we have that are currently on date for September still. I love this work! There's just an amazing Spirit in missionary work that you just can't get anywhere else. I hope yall continue to feel the excitement as you keep finding wonderful people to bring into the gospel. And continue to have fun with it! If you're not having fun in missionary work you gotta change something haha. It's awesome! Thanks for all that yall do I love yall with all my heart, -Elder Nair

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