Monday, September 30, 2013

23 September 2013

Hey yall! So good to hear from ya. Sorry that you're not feeling so well...Elder Lee has been sick as well. It's just that time of the year where things start going around. I learned a little trick that may or may not work but it's been working so far to help me not get whatever it is that Elder Lee has. It's simply that whenever someone in your vicinity (doesn't matter where at just in the surrounding area) coughs or sneezes, just hold your breath for a few seconds. The germs die in a matter of brief seconds so I guess it helps you to not catch colds from that. It's secondhand info from a pediatric doctor so it may or may not be true, but I figure it couldn't hurt. Definitely something I've already gotten into the habit of doing and will probably do for the rest of my life haha. Matt was baptized and confirmed this past weekend :) It was great. Things went so smoothly for that. We are for sure, for sure going to the temple now. I'm so excited about that! We'll figure out when exactly we go soon. I love the temple! It's been a very crazy month with all the success we've been having but it has ultimately all worked out great. The craziest times in life are the best times in life. Brandon is doing well, he's decided to get married! We're excited for him and looking forward to helping him work out all the details. He's working on living the Word of Wisdom still so we're pushing his baptism back to the 12th of October. He's going through a lot right now with his family but his dedication to the gospel will bless him so much. I'm excited to see how the gospel will continue to bless him. Keep it up with the missionary work back on the home-front. I'm excited for yalls success and perseverance to share the gospel. I know how many great and eternal blessings it will bring you. Zone Conference was fun. It's interesting to see some of the signs of becoming an older missionary....I can basically quote all of President Holm's little "catch-phrases" and his favorite topics of discussion haha. It's kind of funny. I'm just glad I still have so much time left out here. It's such rewarding work. That sounds like fun to have some of the family together for conference. I hope Aunt Peachy really enjoys it. Last conference we invited a member to invite one of her friends that lived in Alabama to watch conference. That was his first experience with the church. He really felt the Spirit, loved it, started meeting with the missionaries and was baptized 3 weeks later. So I definitely have a strong testimony of the power of general conference. I hope things keep going great for yall. Thank you so much for all the support and encouragement you give me! I appreciate it so much from the bottom of my heart. Knowing that yall are there to love and support me makes this so much better. I couldn't imagine doing this without yall. Love ya

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