Sunday, October 20, 2013

14 October 2013

I'm getting transferred!!!!!!!!!! Sad day, sad day. There's so much great work going on here. Elder Lee and I have been having a blast in Spartanburg. I'm going to miss this place so much! I'll be serving as a zone leader again in a new area so I will let you know next week when I find out where I go. As usual I'll be heading to the big transfer meeting this Wednesday and I'll find out my new companion and the new area that I'm serving in that day as well. I'm going to miss everyone here! I'm definitely leaving this area with lots of momentum built up. The new missionary that replaces me will surely have a fun time. We have 6 wonderful people being prepared for baptism in these next two months. It's sad that I won't be able to attend their baptisms but I know they'll be in good hands. This ward has grown on me so much. It's changed so much since I've been here. We went from about 75 active members at church every Sunday to about 120. It's grown and thrived and just been wonderful and really fast paced here. As much as I'm going to miss it, I know that I'll love my new area and the new people that I'm serving around. Transfers are always such a bittersweet moment. Especially when there are so many wonderful people preparing to be baptized. The temple was amazing! My goodness gracious. I just love going there. I hope to go with the Nguyen's soon. I love that family! They're my favorite. We're definitely going to be lifelong friends :) They're hoping to go to the temple before I get off my mission. I hope it happens so I can go with them :) I remember Brandon. I hope he does make it back around. I wish I had been more involved with him. Knowing what I know now, I could've done so much more in my youth to help everyone. I didn't have the direction that I now have in helping a new member/investigator get involved in the church. I'm going to make helping new people a priority in my life. They really need all the support that they can get. It's such a crazy life change that can be really scary. It's like a completely new lifestyle. It takes a lot of dedication and courage to make it through that first year. And Satan is really working his hardest then too. It sounds like the work is going great over there too. How soon will Riley be leaving on his mission? I forget how old these kids are getting. With the new mission age it just seems like they're aging way faster than they should be haha. Who's the next group that will be coming out into the field? Spartanburg is definitely somewhere I have to come back and visit. There's just been so many fond memories here. 4 months was not enough time to spend here. It just flew by in the blink of an eye. I could basically serve in one of 11 different areas at this point. There are 6 stakes in our mission and each one has 2 zones in it, leaving two zone leader areas. Greenville East, Greenville, West Columbia, Columbia, Charleston, and Florence. So I could literally be anywhere in the state. I'm pretty excited about the future but will still miss everyone here. Hope all continues to go well with yall. I love yall with all my heart. Love, Elder Nair

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