Tuesday, November 26, 2013

25 November 2013

Thank you so much for sharing your testimony with me. I love yall so much. This week has been a crazy, sad, loving, bittersweet, stress-filled, joyful one. I can't really describe it in any way other than that. It was all over the place. I'm not even sure where to begin in explaining everything that's happened but I'll give it a shot. Firstly, a wonderful missionary from Ithaca New York has finished his two years and is going home. I got to go on an exchange with him this past Saturday. I love Elder Warnick. He's a great example and has been such a diligent missionary. I've never served around a missionary who went home while I was serving around him. It was weird to see. I wish I could stay out here forever sometimes. Missions are amazing. I'm glad I have so much time left but I just hope time starts to slow down soon. It's flying by so fast that it scares me. It scares me a lot. But we had an opportunity to watch him bear testimony at the baptism of my old Ward Mission Leader's daughter's baptism. It was a cool experience. I love what missions do to people who put their heart into it. It's blessed me so much and I know it will continue to bless me. But please pray for this family that we're working with. Tameeka, and her children, Warren (16), Nikki (14), Amir (11), Emoni (9), Jordan (4), and Forever (20 months). Their father just passed away in a car accident at 32. It's been such a sad experience but it's also been such a blessing how the gospel is helping us all cope with it. Amir is already a member but the other children that are old enough are preparing to be baptized. God definitely has this all in His hands though. It's going to be tough to continue to deal with throughout the rest of their lives but it's brought their extended family all together. Four sisters, Jazmine (member), Tiffany (member), Tameeka (nonmember) and Tabitha (nonmember). Jazmine hasn't been talking to them for a long time but yesterday she came over and we all were able to reminisce and think of the good times. This experience has also helped Tameeka in her own words, have a wake up call. They've all been putting off coming to church and making steps towards baptism but the day after they found out this news the whole family came. It really helped in the healing process and I know that God is blessing them for their diligence. A lot of tears were shed Saturday when we all prayed together. The four oldest kids were having a tough time on Saturday but the ward has been amazing in stepping up and helping them with meals and just being there for them. The bishop came over on Saturday too and his counselors came over in the evening as well just to talk to them and let Tameeka especially know that the church is full of good male role models. I'm grateful for the priesthood and the opportunity for men to serve in it. It really helps us be noble and good members of society. The world needs more virtuous men. I hope to be a good example of that in my future. Yesterday was a really good day. Everyone's spirits were looking up and it was so much fun having the extended family all together. They're such great people and they're so funny! I love them so much. It's cool getting to be a part of their lives again after meeting them last year. They're such a wonderful family and I can't wait to help Tameeka and her kids be blessed with the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. I can't really picture life without it. I don't really remember not having it but Mom and Dad, what differences do you remember from before you received the gift of the Holy Ghost and after? I can't really speak from experience on this one so if yall could each try to describe it, it would help me out a lot. I love yall. But that's been the main thing this week. It's been a crazy crazy situation but I'm so glad God is with us. The work is really picking up over here and we're excited to have some wonderful baptisms in December. It's going to be a great month. Keep up the great work on the home-front and continue to do all you can to invite invite invite. I promise you that as you trust God in opening your mouth, He will fill it. He doesn't need someone with all the knowledge and experience in the world. He just needs someone with a willing heart. This work isn't ours, it's His. And that's something that I can have confidence in. After Elder Bednar I think I've truly begun to grasp the concept of having confidence in the Lord. As I've gained experience I've just grown more comfortable. But as I've looked to God and actively recognized His will and His way in this work, it's changed everything. I know that through Him I can take on anything. I love that. Happy Thanksgiving! Love, Elder Nair

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