Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October 1, 2012

Hey Parents!
    This week has been great. Things have been super hectic because two investigators got married and the wife was baptized this past Saturday. It was quite an amazing experience. I had the opportunity to do her confirmation yesterday which was so great as well. The husband did not get baptized on Saturday because he smoked on Friday but things are looking up for him and he should be able to be baptized this Friday. He'll have to wait till after conference to be confirmed but it will be cool for him to get baptized on his birthday. I think he'll do well and will be able to not smoke this week. His testimony is really being strengthened. Them being married and praying together every night and day will really help him accomplish his goal. We have a lot of people on date for baptism this month and we're going to try to get some more solid investigators on date for this month this week. Conference is a great opportunity to get people to hear the prophets voice and gain a better understanding of who he is.
1.  Where is the nearest temple?  How often do you attend?
         The nearest temple is the Columbia South Carolina temple. We get to go as a zone if our zone reaches our baptismal goal for the month. We fell short this month but we have high hopes for next month. I think we also get to go when our past investigators get to go through for the first time. I'm really excited to attend when this new family goes if that's the case.

2.  Is there a baptismal font in your chapel or do you go to a stake center or a river?
3.  Where is the stake building and who is your stake president?
          There's a baptismal font because we meet in the stake building. They're building a church in the Gaston/ Cayce area soon enough though but I may be gone before they start it. I'm not exactly sure when it's happening.

4.  Have you had Ward Conference? Have you had Stake Conference? When are (or were) they? Describe the highlights.
5.  What were some of the talks you most remember and enjoyed from Ward and Stake Conferences?
          We haven't had Ward or Stake Conference. I'm not sure when they are, whether they're after conference or if they had them previous to my arrival.
6.  Which members go on splits with you and Elder Memmott?  How does that work?
          There's this 17 year old in the ward who graduated high school early that goes with us a lot. He's looking forward to his mission and he has a lot of time to spend with us because he graduated early so he's really cool and helps us save our miles a lot of times. He has a great testimony and a solid understanding of the gospel so we'll just text him whenever we want him to come with us. As far as other members, we ask in church a lot and when people have time they go with us. Having member's come with us and invite people over so that we can teach lessons in their homes really helps us out and it's something I'm going to try to do a lot when I get off my mission. We'll usually contact people that we feel would best connect to the investigators. Like, people with similar backgrounds or who have converted from the same religion that they are. We always give those people a call when we have someone that we feel could connect with them. Member involvement is so important in missionary work because good fellowshipping gets people active in church rather than being baptized and then going less active.
7.  Describe any unexpected opportunities you've had to use the power of the priesthood to bless or save lives.
           One unexpected opportunity I had to use the priesthood was last Sunday actually I just didn't have time to mention it. But this recent convert has a non-member friend whose mom and grandma are both sick. She asked the guy if he could get some people from the church to give her a blessing so we went over there after church and I got to say the blessing for both of them. It was a really spiritual experience for them. The non-member lady had a whole lot of faith to ask us to do these blessings and we're probably going to get an opportunity to teach her once everything settles down a little bit over there. Aside from that an investigator asked for a blessing to help her feel better and quit smoking. She's doing a lot better and things are looking up for her.
8.  Describe any opportunities you've had to use your music in service to others.
            Music has been great. I've had a lot of opportunities out here namely to play for the fireside that our Mission President did at the beginning of this month, I got to play for the wedding and  baptism. Yesterday we had a combined priesthood and relief society lesson as well so I got to play for that too. The ward organist is really impressed with how I play. I always get opportunities to give Mom the credit for my piano ability. I'm really glad that you could teach me how to play the piano and keep me practicing even when I didn't want to. I love being able to play.
I love you guys, thanks for your prayers and support and have a great week

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