Thursday, October 25, 2012

October 22, 2012

This week we've been working on finding a lot. We really wanted to get more people on date so that November can be super successful. We're working with a lot of great people right now and we're working really hard to help them receive the gospel of Jesus Christ. This couple, we knocked into on Wednesday. (The lady) was a little timid at first but her boyfriend was really open and excited to have us come in and teach. We taught them a solid first lesson and commited them to be baptized next month. We're seeing them again tonight and we're hoping that they're still as solid as they were when we first met them. They have two pet squirrels which is pretty cool and a son that we're hoping to talk to tonight as well.
(There) is a lady we knocked into awhile back who we taught a solid first lesson to and she was super ready to hear the gospel but her husband didn't want her to see us anymore. I've been praying really hard that his heart would be softened. Last Monday, we ran into her while we were grocery shopping and told her about our ward's trunk or treat this weekend and she invited us to bring a flier by later that week. On Thursday night we were on exchanges, so I was with a zone leader Elder Staker, in our area. We brought the flier to (this lady) and her and her cousin answered the door. Her cousin said she was one of us and we asked about it and she said she grew up Mormon in New Jersey. She was in Young Women's played in the Young Women's basketball tournament and even did baptism for the dead. She said she hadn't gone too much after she moved out of the house but was now living pretty close to Jeletha. I was super excited and invited her to talk to Jeletha's husband about it before we left. (The lady) called us later that night and said her husband had talked to her about being Mormon for the rest of the night and he was a lot more open to it and interested. She said her whole family would be at the Trunk or Treat and that we could come see her again. I'm so excited for her and I cannot wait to teach her and her family. I'm super excited for them and want to help her cousin get back into the church as well. We'll try to teach all of them at the same time in the future. 
We got a lot of solid leads this week as well so we'll plenty to do in November. (One lady), will be getting baptized on Nov 3rd as well as (one guy). David A Bednar is coming to speak to the whole mission that evening!!! I'm so excited! He'll also be speaking in church the following Sunday in our ward which is awesome. I'll be sure to let y'all know everything he talks about. This is incredibly, incredibly exciting! 
I'm super excited for Solomon and Amanda adopting Gideon! I want pictures for sure. I'm glad everything worked out for them. :)
The work is going so well and I'm just excited for everything. I love being a missionary and I love you guys.

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