Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September 10, 2012

Hey Mom and Dad! Things are going really well this week too. I'm having a lot of fun out here serving. The time is just flying by. Let me answer all your questions first. ….
Elder Memmott's from …….. Utah. He comes from a pretty big family ……….He's been a member of the church all his life…………... He wasn't planning on going on a mission at first but then he read the Book of Mormon when he was 19 and found out the truth of it for himself. After that he had a strong desire to serve. He's 21 now and has been out just over a year. He's a great missionary and a great friend. We're really getting along and working hard. He's awesome.
It's been really hot and humid just as everyone said it would be haha. It's been raining really hard but really sporadically i'm assuming because of the hurricane. We'll just get random harsh downpours that last like 10-15 minutes. So that's been interesting and kind of exciting. It really cools off in the evenings though so after 6 the weather basically gets perfect. Some days when it's slightly cloudy though it feels great. The weather is exceptional today.
We visit quite a few less actives………. (This part member family, the man) is not a member and the former missionaries here were teaching them for about 3 months. (He) used to be really against the church. It's amazing how God can change and prepare people. This past week he's had a huge change in countenance. President Holm and a few other less actives/ recent members spoke at a fireside called "No More Strangers" which was just to help less actives/ investigators/ recent converts feel more welcome in the church. Through teaching him and that he's really set to change his life. We put him on date for baptism on October 5th. It's his birthday. He said all he wanted for his birthday was to be baptized. It's such an amazing change. When I first met him he said he didn't want to be baptized enough to stop smoking. But now he's determined to quit within this week. It's so exciting seeing people change and improve their lives through the gospel.
We're also seeing a lady………. who is working her way back into coming to church she says. She's a really nice older lady who just needs help getting the fire of her faith rekindled. Things are going smoothly with them.  
Our ward is a Ward and it's pretty cool. There are a few more older people in our ward than back home. It's quite a bit smaller too. Things are definitely different because the people are a lot different but it's all good. We're doing what we can to help grow the ward by working with the less actives and baptizing more people. Our ward meets at nine am so that's fun. I'm way used to waking up early now though with the missionary schedule so I'm alright with it haha.
We do go to ward council and we meet after church at around 12:30. We're hoping to work more with the members to find people. They're a little timid right now but we're going to try to meet with some people and get the fire going. Member referrals are loads better than trying to go door to door to find people.
We live in Gaston in this double wide trailer. We are out the country haha, everyone lives in trailers out here. People all talk with Southern accents and it just feels like the South that I've heard so much about. It's not very populated down here. We live about 20 minutes from the church.
This week seeing (one man) change so much brought me a lot of joy. It's really evident how happy the gospel is making him and it's just a testimony to the reality of the gospel in all of our lives. I want to share the joy this gospel has brought me with everyone.
I'm glad you guys are helping with (missionary work)! It really helps families feel comfortable in the church when they have member fellowshippers. I'll be sure to pray for (them). I'm glad y'all are working hard to further the work……... Things are going really well and are always looking up. Thanks for all your help and support.


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