Sunday, December 2, 2012

November 19, 2012

Hey things are going good here as usual!
This week has been kind of crazy but really good. Firstly I had the wonderful opportunity to get in the water with William on Saturday. He told me he just felt really great when we were changing. His mom and two sisters came to the baptism too. He's a really good hearted guy.
We had to push {the other} baptism back. We really want him to get solid on the Word of Wisdom first. He told us he picked up cigarettes again so we're really working with him to help him gain a desire to stop. It's such a horrible vice that Satan uses. We're praying for him and helping him in any way we can to stop. Later today we're going to fix up his car with pictures of Jesus and his family to help him stop because when he's driving is when he's tempted most. I have high hopes for him and he will probably make the change by December.
On the brighter side L this 9 year old girl we've been teaching is getting baptized which I'm really excited about! That will go down this Friday. Her mom's been working on every Saturday so we just decided to go for Friday and she was okay with it. We're seeing them tomorrow and I'm super excited to get everything squared away for that!
My training is coming to a close. Technically it ended today actually. But transfers are coming up on Wednesday. How that works, if you're getting transferred, you get a call on Saturday night and they tell you to have your bags ready and meet at the church building in Irmo the following Wednesday. However, if you are serving in leadership President Holm will call you during the day on Saturday and let you know and ask if you're willing to accept. So that leads me to the craziest/most exciting part of my week. Saturday we got a call from president and I'll be training a new missionary. I'm pretty nervous but I'm very excited. Elder Memmott's off to be a zone leader somewhere so I'll be here still in Gaston. Just thinking about it gets me shaking a little bit haha. I know things will work out the way they're meant to and I'm excited to serve my Heavenly Father in this capacity.
That's pretty much it for the week so I'll move onto questions.
Thanks again for the warm clothes. It's getting unseasonably cold here so they came just in time.
My shoes are doing just fine. The heel guards are wearing off of them but they're still looking great and getting the job done.....
I won't actually get to go with him to the temple but he'll still go next week. I'm hoping our zone will hit our goal soon but I won't be horribly depressed if I don't get to go the temple until next year. The Lord needs me where I'm at.
Everything's going well with you accessing the pictures I send to Abra right? There aren't any places to print photos in my area so we don't have much time to go out and print them so I hope this is working out well.
So I'm officially an Uncle now? That's pretty freaking cool. I'd love to see some pictures of this little guy when you get the chance. It's always good to hear that Solomon and Amanda are doing well. Let me know what school he ends up going to!
Happy Thanksgiving to y'all too! It's crept up so fast I can't even believe it's this week. It'll be fun taking the new guy to all these cool members who are willing to feed us. We'll probably just end up stocking up our fridge because so many people want to give us their leftovers haha. I love you guys! I hope everything is still going well back home and don't get trunky dad! No matter where you're at in your service you're right in the middle of it :P
Elder Nair

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