Monday, December 17, 2012

December 17, 2012

Always good to hear from you :D
   I'm glad you enjoyed the newsletter. I think they're pretty cool whenever they come. Haha Halloween was fantastic. That's always going to be a cool little memory. That's cool that Brother ** called you. He's awesome. He lives pretty close to us so we get to spend a good amount of time with him and he's always willing to help us out. He's Benji's dad too if you didn't make that connection and Benji's always helping us out and spending time with us when he gets the chance. I'm glad you enjoyed that.
  But let's talk logistics of this skype call before I forget. I'll be able to call Christmas Day at 1:00 here. So that's 12:00 noon there. Hopefully that works for y'all. I won't be able to email next Monday because the library will be closed so I'll just look forward to seeing y'all on Tuesday.
   I got both boxes early this week. I decided to open the smaller one rectangular one first and put the other one under the "tree" (we cut a branch off of a pine tree so it's pretty cool). But thanks so much for the GPS and the letters and the tie! and all that good stuff. Haha sorry I opened the wrong thing first. But it's cool because it was still a pleasant surprise. The GPS will serve me well throughout my mission for sure. I hope you got it for good deal. It's very very nice.
   This week has been really fun. We've been teaching this wonderful young couple Samantha and Steve. They have little 4 year old and 9 month old boys. Pretty cool little family. They're on baptismal date for the 29th so that's pretty exciting. They really enjoy church and are excited about being members of it soon. Paul's been doing well with the Word of Wisdom. We're probably going to postpone his baptism until the 29th as well just to make sure he's doing alright with everything and is excited and happy about it. They've been going through a rough time because he lost his job but they're still relying on the Lord and I know they'll be blessed for their faith. If all goes well three fantastic people will be baptized not this Saturday but next Saturday.
   My favorite childhood memory of Christmastime...hmmmm... I'm not even really sure when this was or any of the major details of it or even if this was at Christmas, but back when Grandma Porter was here and we were all able to sit around the living room and sing together. I just really liked being there with Solomon and Grandma. I feel like it's been a good while since we've all been able to be together like that.
   Also, when I was in like kindergarten I think, and mom convinced me that the visiting teachers were Santa elves. I think we had pizza and I was just so certain that they were elves. It was a pretty magical experience for me I'd say.
Sorry I don't have that many details. I'd probably remember more if I could sit down and talk about them and have you guys fill in the details. Feel free to take creative liberty with any of these stories.
   Those are some big changes going on for Solomon and Amanda. I hope everything goes well for them. Gideon seems like a pretty awesome little kid. Meeting him will be pretty cool some day. So the St. Louis temple is open now? That's pretty cool. We went and saw it back when it was still under construction when we went to visit the Barnes and everything. The building looked pretty completed but there was a bunch of construction on the site like where the parking lot would be and everything. It's a pretty building from what I remember.
    I really appreciate all of yalls support. I really respect people who make it out on missions without the support of their family. It must be really really tough. The work is fantastic though. This week has just been really fun and biking has been great. I still have no idea when they're going to fix the car but we're meeting some great people regardless. It's fun stuff. Everyday we just end up biking a little bit farther and exploring new areas slowly but surely. I'm really hoping we get the car soon though because there are a lot of people that are farther out that we need to go see. But Merry Christmas! I love you guys and hope everything is going well and y'all are enjoying the holidays and the spirit of Christmas and all that good stuff!
Elder Nair

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