Sunday, December 2, 2012

October 29, 2012

Hey! So good to here from ya again
I'll start with questions.
1.  How's the weather there?  Did Hurricane Sandy have an impact in Gaston?
The weather's fine it's actually getting a little chilly. The hurricane hasn't been affecting us. It seems to be doing some damage up north though. I tried calling Delta Dental to get a list of dentist's in my area but their office was closed today because of storming.

2.  How did trunk or treat turn out?  Did you have other activities with it?  How many new guests?
The Trunk or Treat was great. Everyone loved our costumes. Ozzie (the guy who painted our faces) and his misses and kids were there. (Sister Frye's grandkids) We should be teaching them this week.

3.  Is your zone on target for the temple this time around?  (Keep trusting and working and it will happen.)We won't be hitting our zone goal this month but Elder Memmott and I are doing great still. I'm just going to keep working my hardest to try and help our zone out as much as I can.

4.  Have you noticed that more people are looking for the church? 
Yeah, we're really having a lot of success right now. We've got some great people we're teaching at the moment and I'm incredibly excited for November. We have a pool of about 15 really solid people right now and we're just doing our best to try and keep up with them. The end of the month has been pretty rough because we're only alotted 1200 miles to drive and people are so spread out down here in Gaston. We haven't been able to see as many people as we've liked to this week but I'm super excited about getting more miles on the 1st and we've been calling/texting them and keeping in touch.
As for a chain fast for {the man we've been teaching}, he's not going to be baptized anytime soon at the moment unfortunately. Our white handbooks also counsel us to not invite people back home to fast for our causes out here, but I definitely appreciate your faith and excitement and prayers........ It's sad to see people not reach their full potential but everyone has their agency.
Michael was baptized on the 13th of October so I'm excited for them to be able to work through their struggles and make it to the temple that time next year. I'm hoping they'll be able to press forward and stay strong.
But yes this week has been great. Like I said before, we're strapped on miles so the work has been different this week, but God is continuing to bless us for our diligence and continued faith. I'm really, really excited for next month. Things should be very good. We handed Tammie and Jasmine to the other Elders in our ward because we have so many different people we're teaching and they live the closest to them as far as all of our investigators go. We'll be able to see everyone else later this week so I'll let you know how they're doing as they progress towards the gospel.
L & W are doing well for now. W's having a few struggles at the moment so keep praying for him to be baptized this weekend. He's really pure in heart and has such a strong desire to do what Heavenly Father wants him to do. L's super excited and we're excited to see her be baptized this week.
It's good to hear everything is going well for y'all back home.
Yesterday we had a stake priesthood meeting and it was really great. We basically heard a lot about the hastening of this work and how important our role as members and missionaries is to help less actives come back into activity. Families need the gospel. It really inspired me and got my fire reignited to see some less active families that need to come back. The Saracenis are a wonderful family that comes to mind and Sister Frye as well. I was on exchanges this week with Elder Staker one of the zone leaders and was able to commit Sister Frye to read her Book of Mormon everyday. I really hope she does that. There is such great power in that book. I know that it's true. I just finished reading it for the first time while I've been on my mission last week. It's nice being able to have so much time to study out of it and get so many more new and interesting details and life applications that come from rereading the Book of Mormon.
That's all for this week. I'll hopefully have a lot more to write about next week. This month is going to be really exciting for sure. Love y'all! -Elder Nair
P.S. If anyone could find me what's called an Inspired Bible, I'd really, really like one. I know they sell them at the BYU bookstore but they should be online somewhere cheaper too. It's a Bible with all the Joseph Smith Translations written into it, not to be confused with the new inspired king james bible. I'd get it myself if they sold them here. Love y'all :)

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