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November 26, 2012

Hey it's so good to hear from y'all again!
       I'm glad there's a lot of good missionary work going on back home. That's so cool that so many more people are serving. Our mission right now is sitting at about 170 missionaries with 20 of them being sisters. Early next year we're anticipated to have 250 missionaries in the mission with about 80 of them being sisters. It's so crazy how much the work is hastening. Membership is going to skyrocket once they all get out here and going. This week has been pretty great. Lily got baptized which was awesome. She's a really cool little girl. Things are just going so well here and I've been so blessed to see so much success. Since most of the questions cover my week I'll just move onto those now haha
1. How was Thanksgiving?  Where did you go? What did you eat?
 Thanksgiving was great. We went to the Pounds home and had all the good stuff. Turkey, Sweet Potatoes, Cranberry Sauce, etc. I was a little disappointed that they didn't have collard greens but when we went to Rebekah's last night she offered me some. They were way good. Apparently collard greens are more of a New Year's thing out here but I still like 'em all the same.
2. Who is your new companion?  Is he a worker bee like you?  Where is Elder Memmott serving?
  My new companion is Elder Holley. Pronounced like holly, just in time for Christmas haha. He's a great worker. He's really excited to be out here serving. Being a trainer is crazy. I feel like I just got here and I'm the one that should be getting trained haha. But I know the Lord does everything for a reason and I'm prepared to learn a lot in these next twelve weeks. Elder Memmott is serving as a zone leader up in Florence now.

3. Dad says, "Do you have any new ways to introduce the gospel in the field?" 
    That's really cool that you're using the Book of Mormon musical as a way to introduce people to the gospel. Right now we've really been focusing on Christmas coming up. has been changing the website to focus on Christmas right now and have put a lot of money into new adds on Facebook Google Twitter, all that stuff. There will be an excess of adds running until Christmas so I'd encourage people to check that website out.
4. How's the weather?  Are you still exercising, playing basketball or something?  (Dad's questions)
      The weather's good. It's getting chilly when the sun isn't out. But I'm holding up alright since we're in a driving area. We excercise 30 minutes every morning and usually play basketball on P-days with the Zone Leaders, the other Elders in our ward and the Spanish Elders. It's pretty fun and we've been budgeting our miles well so we can make it up to the church.
Missionary Questions
1. How are Rebekkah and William holding up in the gospel?
   Rebekah and William are doing great. William's working on getting a job and getting ready to move out of his parents house which is real good for him. He's loving the Book of Mormon and really sees the blessings of reading it and applying the principles of it to his life. He's looking forward to getting to 3 Nephi around Christmas time. And Rebekah is doing well. She was sick all last week so we didn't get to see her until Sunday night. She's been enjoying having Paul read scriptures to her and their family is holding up well.
2. How is P?  How is Sis. Frye?  They are both on my mind.
   We're still working with P. He's doing good reading but he's really having trouble giving up smoking. We have a lot planned to help him out with that this week but for now we're really praying for him. Sister Frye is doing great. We saw her Thanksgiving evening and brought her a Book of Mormon study manual to help her reading. We've more recently been teaching her grandkids who have lately been interested in the gospel. I hope their example will motivate her to progress forward and help her start getting back to church. I'm really excited for them.
3. How is the work going?  What blessings are you bringing to others?
    The work is going well. We're focusing on Jeletha and this wonderful lady Kristen. Kristen is really good about keeping appointments and has a strong desire to come to church. The gospel will help her have a lot of direction in her life I think. At the moment she's kind of just floating and taking care of her kids and things. The gospel will definitely give her the direction she needs. Jeletha's great. We're seeing her tonight and we're praying that she doesn't have any pregnancy complications in these next few weeks while she prepares to be baptized on December 15th. I'm hoping that goes well.
I hope everything's going well back home and y'all are excited for the holidays. Christmas is a wonderful time to share the gospel and focus on Jesus Christ. I'm excited for all the media we have available to use and the people we're currently working with. The mission is going great as usual.
Love you guys,
Elder Nair

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