Monday, January 28, 2013

28 Jan 2013

Hey yall!
This weeks been pretty crazy but awesome. Samantha got cold feet the morning of her baptism so she didn't go through with it. We'll still be working with her though and helping her through her concerns so more news will come for that. It's pretty disappointing seeing these precious people that I love so dearly not take the best road for their life at the moment. I'm keeping my head up though. February's going to be a great month. All our work for the past few months has been building up to this point I feel like. I'm excited for the future. That's been one of my main goals this month. To always be excited, no matter what Satan throws at us. It's been great. I've already seen a big difference in making sure that I'm always choosing to be excited and knowing that if I do my best, the Lord will take care of the rest. There's so much good work going on here. I just love it. Our sacrament meeting was great this week. The chapel was just about as packed as I've seen it. We had a lot of less actives and investigators at church which was great.
Elder Holley's doing great. He's really gotten used to the area and is getting more acclimated to the work. With training coming to a close I feel like he's got a pretty good hold on things. He's a great missionary. I hope he was able to learn whatever the Lord meant for him to learn from me.
It sounds like yall had a pretty good church service. I really enjoy church. There's always things to learn and improve on. Being able to hear everyone's experiences and learn by the Holy Spirit is really special. God's way of teaching really works out well.
I really appreciate your prayers. I don't have a whole lot to say this week besides the work is going great! There will be a lot going on in the next few weeks most likely with transfers and stuff so there should be some exciting news forthcoming.
Love Elder Nair

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