Monday, February 4, 2013

4 Feb 2013

From:Elder Nair
Yeah, time is flying out here. It's very crazy. I'm incredibly excited about the work. It's going so well. This month should be a good one. Transfers are next Wednesday so two weeks from now I'll let yall know where I'm at. I'm trying to do all I can to leave this area with lots of momentum here so the next Elder here can see lots of success.
I'm glad you're having success and a positive outlook on your missionary efforts. I hope they continue. Just know that no effort is wasted. Simply by being a great example and then letting people know that church is such a great part of your life will open their hearts for future opportunities. It's so much better to teach someone who knows members of the church because they know that we aren't what some of the media depicts us to be. You think after a Mormon ran for president people would get the picture haha. But people always benefit from multiple good examples and people who are fellowshipped stay active.
You quoting that scripture reminded me of this scripture I read this morning simply because I'm trying to memorize it. I've been reading in the old testament and just came across it today. I don't remember exactly what it says yet but it's 1 Kings 10:7. It's when this lady from a far off land comes to meet King Solomon, after she hears and experiences his great wisdom in person she says at first she didn't believe but after her eyes saw it, the greatness exceeded that which she had heard. (or something along those lines) Basically the reason I like it so much is because of the parralel I made in my head to us approaching our Savior. While we believed, it's going to be so overwhelming seeing the matchless love that our Savior has for us. I bet the perception that we have of Christ's love and glory is not even half of what we can imagine. It's amazing to think that the great love that I feel Christ has for me, is so small in comparison to how much He actually loves and cares and helps me. I try to recognize my daily miracles but His hand is literally in everything good in my life, whether I can tell that they're good or not. The more I think about it, the more peace I feel in my heart. Every little breath of life that I take is another gift from him. How amazing is it that we get to live and experience this mortal life.
We're working with some great people right now. Our investigator Sandra is just so prepared. She's such a spiritual person and has so much love in her heart. I don't think I've seen a person with more unconditional love in her heart. She came to church for the first time yesterday and just loved it. She feels the spirit so strongly and recognizes us as servants of our Heavenly Father. I'm very excited to see her accept all the blessings of the gospel in her life. Just pray that things continue to go smoothly with her. We've been working with her for quite some time and the first time she came in contact with missionaries was May of last year. I'm very excited for her.
I still really miss the temple. I'm excited to go again one day though. Hopefully near the end of this year.
Thanks for sending me those. It's a really big help. The mini Preach my Gospel is treating me very well. It's good to have two out here. I take the little one to meetings and things so it's convenient that it's so much easier to carry. We've been able to distribute copies of the Book of Mormon. We're always out finding new people wherever we go. This week we've been teaching a lot of the people we're working with right now and helping them prepare to live a strong and active life in the gospel. I'll do my best in keeping in touch with everyone. Just let them know how much I love them and I'm sorry that I can't talk to them as much as I'd like. But things are busy and I'll have lots of stories for them in the future. I'm keeping up my journal so I don't forget anything :D
Love yall hope yall have a great week :)
-Elder Nair

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