Monday, February 11, 2013

11 Feb 2013

Hey I got your email, I'll be in my new area on Wednesday.
It's a bittersweet moment receiving this call to serve somewhere else. I'm sure going to miss all the wonderful people here in Gaston. I love it here. But I know that I'm going to  love the next area I go as well as the people there. Getting a new start will be an exciting experience. I hear the first transfer is always the most nerve-racking. I really feel loved here. We have some amazing investigators right now and I just love them all so much. They'll all be baptized very soon. It's crazy just up and leaving these people right in the middle of their conversion. There are many investigators here that have such solid testimonies of the gospel. It's amazing to see how truth and the Spirit work together to bring about such a mighty change in people in such a short amount of time. There have been many miracles here. 
Samantha unfortunately did not get baptized but she is still fantastic. We're really helping her get lots of support from the Ward at the moment. She's awesome, she just has no support at home right now. She will be baptized one day I'm sure. She knows the Book of Mormon is true and really loves it. I intend on keeping contact with her in the future. 
This week's been great. It's been a huge whirlpool of emotions with all the work that's going on, plus me leaving. I'm trying really hard to leave plenty of work for the next Elder that arrives. There's lots of good going on here so I'm excited to hear about how it all ends up going. 
I really enjoyed that lesson this Sunday too. It's pretty nice that we all go out of the same manual. Conversion truly is a lifelong thing. It's something that needs to continue growing and continue being rooted deeper and deeper into our hearts if we are to withstand the trials of this life.   
I just wanted to let yall know that I'm really grateful for what good parents yall are. You see a lot of different family situations out on a mission. I'm always getting reminded of how important it was that yall raised me right. I will remain ever grateful for that. I'm so blessed to have yall as parents. Thank you for raising me right, teaching me consequences for my actions, helping me understand the importance of living the gospel and inspiring me to serve my mission. Being out here is such a great blessing. I've probably said this before but I'm so grateful for everything I've learned and for the things that I know I will continue to learn. Love yall
-Elder Nair

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