Monday, February 25, 2013

24 February 2013

Hey it's good to hear everything is going well.
Hilary's going to be a powerful missionary. I'm excited for her and all the other soon to be departing missionaries from the ward. There's a lot of good going on in the field right now. I'm very excited about the future of missionary work in the branch here and throughout the world. 
Firstly thanks for sending me all that information. I hope I'll be able to get everything straightened out soon. 

This week was really fun. We did a lot of tracting which has been nice getting back into. Also, we've been combining our tracting efforts with working with the branch. A new branch mission leader was called. We talked with him last night and established things that we're going to work on and focus on in the branch. There were a lot more members at church this Sunday so it was great finally getting to meet everyone. We visited a few members yesterday and had great experiences with them. We're hoping to help a lot more people want to come out with us so that we can do a lot of fellowshipping. The stake's focus for these next two months is member missionary work. I'm very excited about that helping the branch to be missionary minded as well. It's going to help a lot with all the work that will be going on here shortly. I'm looking forward to getting well acquainted with the members here and helping them accomplish their goals in missionary work. I know this little branch here can become a ward very soon. I remember all the stories about our little branch in the past and how much it has grown since then. 

It's good to hear Solomon, Amanda and Gideon are doing well. That's awesome that they are being great member missionaries.

This week I got to go on a companionship exchange with Elder Memmott (my trainer). It was so much fun! I had a blast and I learned a lot. He has a lot of wisdom and his brother entered the field just last week. If you see an Elder Memmott in the ward or stake make sure to let him know that his brother was an awesome trainer. 

In my most recent studies I've been focusing a lot on purifying and sanctifying your heart. The only way that missionary work is accomplished is that if we as missionaries are being worthy conduits of the Spirit. As missionaries we are held to a higher law. We have a little white handbook of rules that we read from everyday. These rules are so important. Obedience to God's commandments brings the presence of the Spirit. Exact obedience to the commandments (which on a mission includes the mission rules) will help us receive a greater portion of the Spirit. As my spiritual knowledge and sensitivity grows, my thoughts become more pure which leads to my actions becoming more pure and vice-versa. Every thought and action that we have that isn't in accordance to the commandments of God brings up a little spiritual traffic cone. The Spirit then has to worry about going around that traffic cone and through you in order to touch the hearts of investigators. I'm hoping to eliminate all my spiritual traffic cones so that I can be a truly direct course for the Spirit to touch the hearts of my investigators and influence my mind and heart to say what needs to be said. This takes a lot of fasting and prayer on my part. This is how the ancients did missionary work. They purified themselves so that they could be the most worthy conduits of God. They were truly vessels enlightened by the Holy Spirit. As this is accomplished your faith in God increases because he will deem you worthy to do his will and promise the blessings that He would promise people. God's promised blessings will always be fulfilled so as I truly strive to become a representative of Jesus Christ, His words will be my words, His promises will be my promises. 

Preach My Gospel is such an inspired program. It leads and directs us in gaining the conversion that we need to not only greatly influence the lives of others, but to influence the course of our lives on such a large scale in such a short amount of time. Serving a full time mission is the greatest opportunity for growth that I have ever experienced in my life. And this is only the beginning. There is nothing that I would rather be doing than being out here and serving my Savior. I hope and pray that no one who is worthy and able to go, will miss this great opportunity.

Elder Nair 

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