Tuesday, February 19, 2013

19 February 2013

It's very true I am settled in my new area which is the mighty city of Marion, South Carolina. It's another big car area and I'm serving in a nice little branch here. There are about 50ish active members but I'm out to change that. It's great. This area covers all the way up to the northern border of South Carolina. It's about an hour drive from Myrtle beach. I love it here. White people are the minority up here. There's a couple tiny cities and then a lot of more spaced out/ rural areas. It's a bit similar to Gaston in ways. It's great being up here though. I feel quite a connection with these people.

There are a lot of pretty nice projects up here. It snowed on Saturday night! That was crazy. We got about an inch of snow so just enough to coat everything and make it look like wintertime. I think the snow kept a lot of people from coming to church this Sunday. People are very leery about driving in the snow up here so there were probably like 35 people at church this Sunday. It's a nice little branch though, I can tell I'm really going to enjoy it. It's a bit of an older branch but there are still a few younger people that attend. My new companion is Elder James. He came out at the same time as Elder Holley. When you train, on the second day that the new missionaries come out, you pair up with a random missionary and go tract for a couple hours. Elder James was the random missionary I paired up with for that day so it was cool seeing a familiar face.

They've assigned me to be a district leader over here. It's nice because with the organization, district leaders get to talk to zone leaders a lot and Elder Memmott (my old trainer) is one of my zone leaders up here. It's way fun getting to talk to him again. I'm excited to serve with him in this capacity now.

There are some great families out here. We've met a lot of really great people. Two in particular are Amanda and her kids (Ver'quavious, Daveona, and Nathaniel) and this lady named Angel. We had a great first lesson with both of them. Amanda and her family seemed really interested and accepted a baptismal date of march 16th. I'm excited about that and hope all goes well. We have a return appointment with them tonight. Angel is very active in the church she attends now, but she's a great Christian lady willing to hear us out. She would make such a great member. She's so excited about God and the truth would do a lot for her.

We're staying in an apartment here, just Elder James and I. It's a nice little place. I'll work on sending pictures because this library is a bit nicer than the library in Gaston so the computers should take cameras. I'll find out soon though.

Emily, the daughter of Crystal whose mom we helped reactivate in Gaston, was baptized this past Saturday. It was sad not being able to attend the service but I'm excited for their family and am excited to one day come back and see them active in the church.   

That's exciting that you'll be working in the temple. That will be a great calling for you. I still miss the temple a lot but I hope to be able to go soon. I know I'll be back there soon enough.
We have a set of Senior couple missionaries in our branch as well: the Bowmans. If you know Camille Nuttall (might be wrong about the last name) in the I think Naperville 1st ward, it's her grandparents. Camille's older brother Reis is going on a missionary soon or is already out. So small world (haha)

Hope yall have a good week. Love yall
Elder Nair

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