Sunday, April 7, 2013

31 March 2013

Hey yall! Let me get the temporal things out of the way first.
I got the shoes last monday after I emailed you so that was good. They work out great! They're very comfortable and seem like they'll last for a good bit. Good find.
But yeah that's it for that stuff. Things are going GREAT this week! I've got a new found fire for the work. I've been getting pretty disappointed with people not keeping their commitments lately but we've finally got two people ready to be baptized on the 13th of April! I'm very excited for them. Audree is 25 and has two kids, a little boy who's 5 and a girl who's 2, and she is just very ready for the gospel. I'm sure I've mentioned her before. Her fellowshipping is going great and she came to our Easter activity this past Saturday and then church yesterday. I'm excited for her. Also this guy Wondell who came to both the Easter activity and church is looking very good for the 13th. I'm excited. Please pray for them that they will continue to do well. All is going good here in Marion. I'm very excited about conference and the work here in April.
Being a missionary is so much fun. When you simply choose to be happy things go 100 times better. It's easy to get down when people are choosing to not listen to you and live in a way that's super spiritually harmful for them but it's always good knowing that good times are ahead. Good things are always in store and people need this message. Working with members is so successful by the way. Missionaries always need their help. If yall are ever bored just give the missionaries a call and let them know you're willing to go out and fellowship with them. Having a member friend is the best help in helping people come to church. That's often times the extra incentive that people need to follow through with their commitment to come. People who don't know anyone in the church very rarely make it. My testimony in member work has increased so much as we've utilized the members so much out here this week. We're building up the amount of young adults in this branch through fellowshipping and activities. That Easter activity which was just a potluck and Easter egg hunt was a huge success. We had five nonmembers there and one recent convert who hadn't been to church in almost 6 months there. Many of the members were out of town but we still had a wonderful activity with about 30 people there. I really enjoyed it.

My invitation to you would be to find some time to go out with the missionaries at least once this week. Call them up and let them know what free time you have available and even offer your home up to have someone be taught in it. You'll make a great new friend if nothing else. The work will only truly hasten if the members are actively involved in the missionary work.
Love yall, Good things are going here I can't wait to hear yalls insights on conference :D
Elder Nair

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