Sunday, April 21, 2013

15 April 2013

Hey yall!
That's such an awesome story! Regardless of what happens with that family I know that they'll feel the Spirit from hearing the choir in person. It's going to be an awesome experience for yall and a great opportunity to build a friendship. Keep up the good work! I'm glad Solomon and Amanda have been continuing to be such powerful influences in spreading the gospel message. Teaching with members in a members home is the best way to help people. I definitely have a strong testimony of member work.
Speaking of member work there have been some great things going on here in Marion. The work is really picking up so well. Audrey (i spelled her name wrong in previous messages) is awesome! She's doing so well. She's preparing now for a baptism on the 27th with her mom. I'm so excited for them. They both were able to make it to church and loved it. Her mom said she felt so welcomed and loved there. Her mom who goes by K, told us that her husband (who we haven't even met yet) read the Restoration pamphlet and is reading the Book of Mormon more so than she even. She said he takes it to work with him! I'm excited for the appointment we have with them tomorrow! It's going to be great. As we talked with Audrey last night we also spoke to her sister Myeshia and one of Audrey's friends, Erika. They are both really excited about the gospel too and Myeshia is definitely coming to stake conference. She was sad that she had to miss church this Sunday but her excitement about the gospel is skyhigh right now. This is such a great family! They are all really intent to learn more and have this joy more abundant in their lives. This truth is so real and people really will feel it. Myeshia and Erika are shooting for baptisms in early May. God is truly blessing us at this time.
As we've been teaching Audrey we've been having this wonderful member Jessica there with us all the time. It's been such a blessing because Jessica and Audrey are both great friends now and Jessica's actually going to be moving in with Audrey soon. It's really a huge blessing for Jessica too because she wasn't quite sure where she was going to move after some problems at her former residence. We've been helping Jessica grow stronger in the gospel and teaching with her brings her so much happiness she's said. I'm so excited about the work. I love this work so much. There are so many great people here just ready to be baptized. They are going to be such solid members too which I'm greatly excited about. It makes me sad seeing people --who once had the light enough in their lives to be baptized-- fall away. We can never give up on them though. Everyone needs to go through the temple. It's really difficult falling away after an amazing experience like going through the temple.
I'm glad things are going well back home especially with the missionary work. Things are clearly going so well right now and I'm just loving it.
As a side note I have just a couple requests, you know that cd yall have with what sounds like pioneer music with like strings and stuff? On it there's like popcorn popping on the apricot tree but it sounds like pioneery if that makes sense. If you can make me a copy of that cd that'd be awesome. I'm getting a little bored with the music I've got now so if you can send just like a couple copies of cds with church music on it that'd be great. I don't need any more MoTab, i've got plenty of that. But yeah we can listen to really any kind of gospel music like Jericho Road and Efy cds and cool renditions of hymns. So if yall have anything cool like that I'd love it. Thanks :D
 Elder Nair

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