Tuesday, April 30, 2013

22 April 2013

Hey yall! Good to hear from yall this week as always!
Firstly, I'm excited for Audrey's baptism this week too! She's been a great example to her family and friends and it's going to be an awesome service. Elder James is doing great. His time here in Marion is more than likely winding down to a close unfortunately. We've become great friends. I'm going to miss him a ton.
Sad news about W, we lost track of him again. We'll have to do a bit of looking for him this week. He got kicked out of his old place and just seems to always be going through hardships. I hope that everything will be able to work out for him eventually.
But yeah Audrey's going to be awesome! Her sister, her mom, and her moms husband will all be baptized next month for sure. I'm excited about them. We have to get back in contact with all her friends but they will definitely happen soon enough.
We had stake conference this week. There were some really good speakers. The two main focuses seemed to be families going to the temple and missionary work which pretty much go hand in hand. If everyone in the world went through the temple and were able to make those covenants with God, the world would be a better place. I really don't have a whole lot to say this week. I'm mostly just excited about having some baptisms coming up. It's going to be so much fun. Sister Cooper wrote me a really nice little letter this week. I was excited. Getting mail is pretty fun.
For the most part I just go into battle with a fresh copy of the book of mormon. I just really enjoying the feeling of going out to knock doors with a fresh copy and then coming back empty handed. I love leaving people copies of the book of mormon to read.
I've really just been having so much fun these past few weeks. Missionary work is awesome! Like I'm honestly enjoying myself beyond all getout. There are great things to look forward too and cool people to see and God's work to be accomplished. I really feel like I'm being an instrument in God's hands to change lives. I'm excited for all of these people to go through the temple someday. Someday really soon I hope. I love temples and families and seeing all of God's children receive joy into their lives. Missionary work is meant to be enjoyed. If you ever hear of any missionaries or if ever in the future I'm like way bummed, just remind me to quit worrying and go out and do the Lord's work. When that mindset is in my head, there's nothing stopping me. I enjoy every moment of every day and serving becomes my life.
I love yall and hope yall are enjoying life, I hope Solomon and Amanda are always doing well. It sure sounds like they are going through some exciting things right now. And that's way exciting that Dad's going to work in the temple now too! Yall are going to have lots of fun doing that together. Let me know of all the cool spiritual experiences that yall share together doing that work.
Love yall,
Elder Nair

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