Tuesday, April 30, 2013

29 April 2013

Hey! I got yalls package today. Thanks so much for that! it's good to hear that everything's going well and thanks again for the CD's. Enoch train's the one I was thinking of from before so thanks for being spot on with that haha.
I love the gospel. It's so awesome that we have the opportunity to learn so much and grow so much in it. I really can't understand people who decide that they don't want to learn any more about Christ or his gospel. There's so many cool details and insights to be gained! Eternity is nothing simple to comprehend so there's always, always, always, something to learn. Transfers are this Wednesday. Elder James is moving onto a new area and I'll be in Marion again. Elder Memmott is also getting transferred so he can go train a missionary before he goes home. It's crazy how fast time is flying. It seems that my mission is just going so fast. Two years hardly seems like enough time to be out here.
Things are getting really interesting and a little hectic with all the rapid growth in the mission. New areas are opening up left and right and districts and zones are changing all over the place. My loads been lightened a bit this transfer which is great. I'm not a district leader anymore which is a huge relief. I love just being a missionary. I can put all my focus on what's going on in my area so it's a pretty nice load off. We have so much work to do here. We're helping Audrey and her mom and her mom's husband live the Word of Wisdom. It's not easy for them but I know how worth it it will be. I'm really excited for Audrey's sister Myeshia who is preparing to be baptized on the 11th of May. That's definitely happening. She has no Word of Wisdom issues and is just loving the Book of Mormon. I'm excited to see a lot of success with my new companion. There's good things ahead here in Marion :)
Did you hear Alivia Jordan got her mission call to Chinese speaking British Isles? That's so exciting. I love being a part of this hastening of God's work.
I'm so grateful for my Savior and the love that he has for us. I was thinking about some D&C's I read awhile back when you mentioned in your letter about the Savior being your friend. I love those D&C's  where Christ refers to Joseph and them as his friends. That's such a lovely term, being a friend of Christ. I just think about the relationship I have with all my friends and it makes me happy to think that we can continue to have that personal relationship after this life and have that relationship with Christ as well. I'm so indebted to Christ. I feel like I should stay out in the field forever haha. But I do know that my missionary work will never end. I love hearing Solomon and Amanda's stories about their missionary work. I've always really looked up to Solomon. Haha whether it was a bad example (i.e. having those crazy hairstyles) or good, I'm happy for the person that he's helped me to be :) I'm grateful for the example that he's always set for me. I definitely appreciate the fact that he served a mission. It's always been a great strength to me and such a help meet for me when things get tough. I just know everything's going to work out always.
I hope to be continually strengthened as I continue to serve. I'm glad for all the strength that I've received up to this point. I love what my mission is doing to me. I love seeing things change about me that are going to influence the rest of my life for good. I can't imagine being any other place right now. There is truly nowhere I'd rather be than out here. It makes me so happy to know that this work continues on the other side as well. It's no surprise that Spirit Paradise is pure happiness with all the missionary work that's going on. This gospel is my life.
Love yall,
Elder Nair

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