Monday, June 17, 2013

17 June 2013

Thanks Mom and Dad! Firstly I appreciate you bearing with me. I have lots of pictures that I'll have to show you eventually. I've just been a little slack with getting them sent cuz of the limited computer time that we have and with library computers it's pretty hard to work your stuff on them. But yeah things have been pretty busy with the new move and all. I'm in Spartanburg now serving in the Spartanburg 1st ward in the upstate. I'm kinda moving all over the state which is awesome. It's great being up here. They've asked me to be a zone leader up here and I'm pretty excited. This is awesome. I love being up here. My companion is Elder Seaver and I'm in an apartment with four missionaries. It's a lot of fun for sure. I'm so excited about the work here. They've been in what's called a three pack for the last few weeks and were working solely in the other Elders area so I'm getting another fresh start here. We've met some great people already and we're going to do some fantastic work here. Happy Birthday Mom, Happy Fathers Day Dad, and Happy Birthday/Father's Day Solomon! I love yall so much. I hope you can feel that. I know I don't always show my love to yall by writing letters and things but always always always know that I love yall so much. That's good to hear that despite all of those trials yall had a great experience with the tabernacle chior. I remember you telling me about that a little bit ago so I'm excited it went well. Miracles abound out here. It's awesome that so many people are coming out on missions. I love that. I didn't think I'd be out here with more than Elder Laplant and Elder Whipple at this point but with that annoucement everyone is joining us! That's amazing. Elder Stephen Brown is going to the Arizone Tempe mission while he waits for his visa. It was good hearing from him again. I can tell Spartanburg's going to be lots of fun. I'll let you know how things pick up as we get the work rolling here but I'm feeling lots of miracles coming. I love this gospel so much. It's amazing getting to do this all day every day for so long :) There aint nothing better than being a missionary. That's for sure. Love yall! Elder Nair

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