Monday, June 3, 2013

3 June 2013

Hey yall!
It was so nice to hear and see Gideon in action and a little bit of Solomon and Amanda as well. I love them so much :D I'm so glad that things are going so well for them :)
I'm grateful for the examples that yall have set before me. I can't thank yall enough for that. It's so great being out here and making the changes that I need to to be a great contribution to society and to the Lord's kingdom. I love being out here.
Things are going good. I'm guessing that my time in Marion is coming to a close soon but I'll find out for sure this Saturday night. I'm excited that Myeshia is doing so well. She sticks to her guns for sure. She's going to be a great example to Audrey and the rest of her family as she continues strong in the gospel and comes to the temple. We're making some great progress with a less active lady that has had her feelings hurt in church in the past but she's finally getting over it so that she can have the promises that God has already blessed her with. Leaving areas is always sad but I know that I'm going to love my next area and trust that I'll be wherever the Lord needs me to be.
Today has been pretty fun so far, we got to help the Weatherfords (The people that yall almost got to see at the temple) harvest some potatoes this morning. It was great! It's been raining really hard all morning so I'm like soaked but I enjoyed it all the more because of the rain :) We're okay over here in the beach area with the tornadoes. They're staying clear of the East coast from what I can tell. But hurricane season is starting up earlier than usual and apparently it's going to be longer than usual. I'm not worried though, God's going to take care of me as he sees fit. I don't get to see much media but from what people have said, it sounds like the tornadoes are tearing through the lower part of the midwest as usual. I hope everyone is okay. The weather is really getting worse and worse just as God's prophets have testified. It's crazy that some people don't see this weather as signs of the times cuz it's gradually gotten up to this point.
I'm not worried though. I know what I need to do to be safe. I just hope that people will accept the gospel message so they can be safe as well. I love these people so much. It's tough having so much love for these people because it makes you sad when they use their agency to choose the wrong way. But I find great peace in a conference talk by Elder Holland called the Grandeur of God. It is impossible to have so much love for someone or something, without feeling the pain of disappointment sometimes. I find it hard to comprehend that God, a perfect being with everlasting joy and happiness, can weep with and for us. It really displays his true nature. I see the little things that I have to go through with seeing people reject the message of the gospel for now, but I can't imagine how God feels when one of his sons or daughters never accept the fullness of the gospel. I can't picture how much it would hurt to watch one of my children stray away and choose to be out of my presence for time and all eternity. That would be heartbreaking.
But it's all a part of life. Without experiencing some form of sadness we would have no idea what true joy would feel like. It's amazing to know that eternal life is a continuation of the life that we now experience on so many levels. The more that I see the correlation between this Earth and the eternal, the more I feel like I can do to prepare for the eternities. I don't know how people can be so complacent with what they have and think they know everything that they need to know about God and the heavens. Even the great prophets who have seen into the heavens learn more and more each day. No matter where we've been blessed to start or what we've been blessed to experience, we can build on that. No other religion or set of doctrines can compare to the doctrines that God has created. I love this gospel and this church so much.
That's awesome that yall got to see church family from Michigan City! My memory of them is limited but I do have very fond memories of them.

Hope everything continues to go well back home
Love yall,
Elder Nair

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