Thursday, June 27, 2013

23 June 2013

Dearest mommy and daddy, I love yall :) This week has been SWEET. yes in all caps. It's been SWEET. I'm loving being out here in Spartanburg with Elder Seaver. He's a great missionary and has lots of experience. We're having so much success right now. It's awesome. There's this less active family that he's been working with for awhile who they've never quite gotten around to teaching or helping them progress in the gospel. They have two unbaptized kids Taylor (15 year old male) and Ava (10 year old female). I met them a few days after I got in the area and we got a chance to teach them and start making some progress with them. Then last week the mother Ladda told us that when she saw me that first day apparently there was something about my smile and she just knew in her heart that her kids were going to be baptized with us two. It was awesome! They came to church as a family for the first time in 10 years yesterday! We're so excited for them. Also we're just finding tons of people that are preparing to be baptized. July is going to be a busy and awesome month! I'm so excited for it. Miracles on miracles are happening here! Thank yall so much for your support and prayers :) Exciting things are happening in the mission-field. I know they've been using some Facebook missionaries for awhile so I'm not quite sure what all this talk of new technology is entailing exactly but I know it'll all work out for good. There was a video clip of Christina or Sister Rosa in that meeting which was kinda cool. I love this wave of missionary work and being apart of it. It's fun stuff. Those are some awesome stories that you've shared. I appreciate all of them. I'm going to keep this email short so I can send you some pictures so I can finally send you some pictures! Love ya, Elder Nair

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