Tuesday, July 2, 2013

1 July 2013

Good to hear from yall as always! That's such a cool miracle about those Elders. That would be awesome to hear about a former investigator from way back when getting baptized and married. That's sweet! God is definitely working miracles all throughout the world. I'm so excited for all the wonderful new things happening in the field. It's all going to be pretty cool continuing to see what unfolds. Things are going awesome here. I love Elder Seaver. It's so much fun working with him. I'm having the time of my life and we're having tons of success. Pray for the Nguyen family. I think I've mentioned this before but they're such a cool family. They're kids are getting baptized for sure this month. They love church and it's so good seeing them get back into it. Kids are so spiritual. They're so in tune with their Pre-Earth life that all these truths that they hear stick with them. Watching their example to their parents is awesome. Also pray for Timberly. She's the wife of a less active member Bill. She's really interested in religion and has studied quite a bit. She's incredibly knowledgeable about the scriptures and they're just really nice in general. They're feeding us this Wednesday and we've already shared the Restoration and Plan of Salvation with her. She's such a great lady and definitely going to be baptized. I can't wait until she gains that witness from the Spirit. It's going to be awesome seeing how much more she learns through this gospel. This week we just met a lady named Nicole whose whole family are members of the church and she's just grown away from it over the years and her husband Danny. We knocked into them on Saturday and they're feeding us next week too so we can share the Restoration with them! I'm excited. They're really knowledgeable about religion and have studied lots and lots and just settled on non-denominational for now, but I know the message of forever families will ring true to them and help them have a desire to want that. There are so many miracles here in the field. It's like a never ending supply of awesome things. Serving as a zone leader has been fun. It's nice being able to have awesome missionaries that you can love and support. We're having our first ZTM this week which is just a meeting with all the missionaries in your zone that the zone leaders run. Elder Seaver and I have some awesome ideas and we're going to have such a fun time. I'm excited for that on the 4th of July. There's just so much to be happy about out here. Missions are amazing. I'm so glad so many more people will get the opportunity to serve. They're a lifechanging experience for real. I'm learning so much and growing as a person in ways I could have never imagined without this. I love yall so much and I love the gospel so much! It's something I could never turn against. I'm starting to learn what it truly means to consecrate yourself to the Lord. I like where this is going :D Love, Elder Nair

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