Wednesday, July 24, 2013

22 July 2013

Good to hear that yall enjoyed the Dad's birthday! Let me just say that yall are going to make a fantastic set of senior missionaries. The service of senior missionaries helps so much especially in a lot of these little branches. There are so many opporutunities to serve as a senior missionary so that's good that you're prepared to do whatever it is that the Lord requires of yall. The Nguyens were baptized Sat and then confirmed yesterday! I'm so excited for that family. They'll definitely be people that yall will have to meet. They're going to be such great lifelong friends and I'll be excited to see them at the temple soon. They are for sure going to be sealed which is awesome :) They have been loving being back in the church and it's changed and helped them out so much. You can just see that light back in their lives. It's amazing. Do we still have two missionaries serving full-time in our ward? Things are blowing up here in South Carolina. The ward I'm in which already has two sets of Elders will have a set of sisters coming in soon too! Six missionaries in one ward is going to be awesome. I'm definitely looking forward to it. It's exciting all the changes that are happening in the field. I'm glad Solomon has that open opportunity and that they'll be close to home for a good bit. Life is so exciting. New opportunities are everywhere. My mission has changed my outlook on everything. I've finally gotten to see what real hard work is like haha :P and I'm loving it :D I'm glad Massah and Aken are doing so well. Solid converts are so exciting to have. Their lives just continually improve. It's such a blessing that the gospel is the solution for everything. I'm learning so much about it out here. I couldn't ask for any better experience in my entire life. The gospel has become so engrained in who I am. Nothing but a mission could have given me this experience and changed me this much. I'm starting to catch a glimpse of the true meaning of the phrase "with God all things are possible". It's amazing to see my faith increasing unceasingly in God and His wonderful miracles. The time is really flying. It really doesn't feel like it's almost been a year. I just want to keep living every moment day by day and loving it. I'm sticking around here with Elder Seaver for one more transfer which I'm excited about. He's awesome to be with. We're having tons of fun and lots of success. As far as things that I'd like, we don't have a Ryan's in this area so that gift card wouldn't be of too much use here. But Elder Seaver and I we're working on eating better in general and since healthy foods are a little bit more expensive than the cheap stuff, some extra money would be helpful haha. That's all I can think of, yall stocked me up well before I came out here fortunately :) Love yall, Elder Nair

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