Friday, August 9, 2013

4 August 2013

Hey! Things are going great. Satan definitely always brings us lowest before huge miracles. That thought made it much easier to endure through the week. It was a tough one but I was incredibly grateful for all of God's blessings and having the opportunity to rely on Him for my strength. Last week we got to go to the temple on Tuesday and do baptisms for the dead as mission leaders. It was a sweet experience. I really feel the presence of my ancestors while I'm at the temple. It gives me such peace knowing that I have great work to do for their salvation soon. I've experienced many bittersweet thoughts as I approach this point of my mission. Time is flying so fast. It makes me cry. I love being a missionary with all my heart. It's scary knowing how fast this year will fly by. I love this calling and I know while I will get to continue to share the gospel and continue to serve my Heavenly Father, there just isn't any other experience compared to that of being a missionary. It fills my soul with such peace and joy. I love spending so much time with other sons and daughters of God who are dedicating 100% of their time to serving the Lord. Nothing I've experienced in my life can compare to this work. Coming out here has been the best decision of my life. I'm so glad God has provided so many ways to serve Him and experience a small portion of the joy that He feels for His children. Family History work will be really exciting, and being the best member missionary that I can will be too. We had some surprise changes this week. There have been a few missionaries here waiting for their visas to go to the West Indes mission. They got their visas and because of that some missionaries would have been left without a companion. To fix that problem Elder Seaver has been surprise transferred to Lexington and the companion of the other set of Elders we live with is going to North Charleston. So my new companion is Elder Lee. He's an awesome missionary that came out just a few months before I did. It's been a blast working with him and also having two areas to cover now. We've been really busy and are going to see many sweet miracles this month. I'm excited to now be able to work the entire Spartanburg 1st ward. Prior to this Elder Seaver and I would work the north side and they would work the south side. It's a blast. We have a whole new world ahead of us this month until we get Sisters in the area which should happen in about 4 weeks. I say should because with the new flood of missionaries things are crazy and always, always, always subject to change haha :) It's really fun though. Every day is something new and exciting it seems. We have a lot more members feeding us now that we have the entire ward to cover so that will be fun. I love yall so much. make sure the missionaries in our ward are still getting fed! And have some people for them to see when you invite them over! :) They will definitely appreciate it :D Love, Elder Nair

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